Michael Cammarata, President and Chief Executive Officer


Michael became President and CEO of Neptune Wellness Solutions in July 2019. Michael is the founder of Random Occurrence, a venture capital and private equity firm. He invested in and cofounded Schmidt’s Naturals, one of the world’s fastest growing wellness brands, leading it from fledgling start-up to acquisition in 2017 by Unilever and onto record breaking growth in 2018. He remained CEO of Schmidt’s Naturals until June 2019, leading its rapid expansion into new and innovative products, retailers and global markets.

Michael is a new breed of unconventional CEO with a personal mission to invest and scale companies globally that will make sustainable innovation and modern wellness solutions accessible to the world. He believes that natural products are the future and that every person deserves natural products that work and minimize their harm to people, the planet and animals.

Through all his investments, Michael is looking toward future technologies, including AI and machine learning to create stronger connections and personalized products for customers. He is a passionate advocate for plant-based solutions a leader for sustainability and has pushed for an end to animal testing in cosmetics. Raised in New York, Michael’s dyslexia made school challenging, but that perspective allowed him to identify opportunities others missed. He became a technology and marketing wunderkind by his mid-teens. He rapidly gained a reputation as an innovative entrepreneur.

Dr. Toni Rinow, Chief Financial Officer & Chief Global Operating Officer


Dr. Toni Rinow is a catalyst for growth and expansion and is well known for accelerating revenue streams through acquisitions, corporate development, sales and marketing, and financings. With a proven track record of success in international corporate development and the sales and financing of companies in the healthcare market, Toni has successfully facilitated the negotiation of international corporate alliances valued over $100M and overseen a life science investment portfolio with $400M under management. She was appointed General Manager of Jubilant DraxImage in 2018, a global leader in nuclear medicine with $200M in sales in 22 countries.

Her professional career has included leadership roles in both public and private pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations, where she spearheaded acquisitions across Canada, Latin America, and India and supported the transition of two biotechnology companies to an initial public offering at the Toronto Stock Exchange.

With a focus on strategic growth, Toni is that rare C-level business manager with blended business expertise in finance, science and engineering. In addition to a double Masters of Business Administration and Accounting from McGill University, she holds a doctorate in physical chemistry from the Université de Montréal (Ph.D), and a chemical engineering degree from the European Higher Institute of Chemistry in Strasbourg, France. As a forward thinker, she is trained in Artificial Intelligence from MIT. Toni believes in giving back to the community and sits on Board of Directors for non-for-profit organizations.

Robert DiPede, Senior Vice President of Biodroga and Health & Wellness Innovation


Mr. DiPede brings a 20-plus year proven track record of driving B2C and B2B sales of consumer packaged goods (CPG) and health and wellness products across all channels, including national retail chains, food/drug/mass retailers and e-commerce. He joins Neptune from Walmart where he served as Director of Territory & Global Export Sales, responsible for leading a team of senior territory sales professionals in domestic, global and e-commerce sales delivering $1B in revenue. At Neptune, Mr. DiPede will be responsible for driving sales of existing and new products developed by Biodroga and the Company’s Health & Wellness Innovation division.